The Jakarta Geopolitical Forum (JGF) is a sharing session for world geopolitical experts in analyzing the regional situation in the world. This forum was initiated by the National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia in 2016.

The first JGF was held on May 18-20, 2017 at Borobudur Hotel, Central Jakarta. Seventeen geopolitical experts in the world were invited. They shared knowledge and thoughts about geopolitics which are divided into six discussion sessions.

In 2018, JGF will be held for the second time considering the success of JGF in 2017 which gained national and international attention. This strategic forum is expected to be used by speakers and participants to discuss geopolitical issues at global level. Geopolitics interpreted as living space is a central issue for all countries in the world.

The surge in the world population increasingly sharpens competition between countries in protecting their region and managing its natural resources. This condition is also exacerbated by conflicts occures in several countries. The flow of refugees from war-torn countries to other countries directly impacts the political stability of a region so does global geopolitical situation.

The JGF was opened by the Governor of the National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Agus Widjojo and continued with Welcome Address from Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi. In the first Plenary Session in the JGF on Wednesday (10/24/2018), the Geopolitical Overview will be presented by Professor Dorodjatun Kuntjoro Jakti.

In the second Plenary Session, the participants will discuss Political Economic & Global Peace and Security I.

Then in the third plenary session, the participants will continue the discussion with the same topic, namely Political Economic & Global Peace and Security II.

After the third plenary session, seven speakers present a closing statement followed by certificate giving.

The 2018 JGF will be ended with conclusions statements from the Steering Committee and followed by a closing speech by the Governor of the National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia.