Press Conference: Governor of Lemhannas RI; NKRI is Formed with Voluntarism

20/05/2017 01:21  News

Press Conference:

Governor of Lemhannas RI; NKRI is Formed with Voluntarism


Jakarta Geopolitical Forum Jakarta, Friday 19 May 2017


Lemhannas—Jakarta, Governor of The National Resilience Institute of The Republic of Indonesia (LEMHANNAS RI) Lieutenant General (Ret.) Agus Widjojo explained in Jakarta Geopolitical Forum (JGF) that the condition of Indonesian democracy has not been completed yet. “Democratic transition will be completed and achieve consolidation of democracy when all citizens believe in democracy and in finding solutions using democratic principles. In our society there are still many who seek solutions beyond the rules of democracy”, Governor Agus said. He went on to say that in the transition of democracy much must be addressed is the process by which the public or international community wants to do in a sort time. Other than that, Indonesia also must learn about law enforcement supremacy as one of the pillars of democracy.

Governor Agus stated firmly that NKRI is not formed by coercion, all with voluntarism. The speed of aspiration in society precedes the development of the effectiveness of democratic institutions. ”Such as the information technology (IT) revolution has shocked us and had to immediately restore self-awareness to respond it because all elements have contributions to the transition of democracy”, said Governor Agus.

On the same occasion, Prof. Dr. Dorodjatun KuntjoroJakti, Professor (Emeritus) of Economics and Business of Indonesia University affirmed the same thing about the voluntarism that became the foundation of the establishment of Indonesia. “The way of Indonesian diplomacy reflects that thing. Indonesia does not distinguish between large and small states or the tendencies of neighboring countries. It is in accordance with the constitution. We respect differences, do not hostile to anyone just because of differences”, said Dorodjatun. The Professor asserted that in the future, the differences will not be reduced but will be more particularly with the IT which is easy to spread all the information. Therefore the differences should be accepted normally, should not be forced, give a positive argument. “Such as Indonesian foreign policy especially in ASEAN, many achievements are reached because of the patience in argument,” said Dorodjatun.

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