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Jakarta Geopolitical Forum Jakarta, 19 May 2017


Satoshi Mori: "Indonesia is already on The Right Path”

*Lemhanas, Jakarta ---* According to Satoru Mori, Professor (Emeritus) from Tokyo University, geopolitical changes post-cold war made the occurrence of problems and also threats that threaten the stability of international world. This geopolitics observer explained in the Jakarta Geopolitical Forum (JGF) in Jakarta that the threat is caused by the increasingly widespread cases of terrorism, the crisis of refugees in Europe, the issues of Brexit, the strengthening of conservatives and protectionist sentiments and global warming.  

Plus recently there has been a missile threat of North Korean. “North Korea deliberately launches a missile to elicit the US to the negotiating table, a problem that should have been done for a long time ago,” said Mori.

However, Mori confirmed that Indonesia is already on the right path. “    Indonesia is focusing on infrastructure development and I hope Indonesia should be able to do more than that,” said Mori. Mori assess the current Indonesia should focus on education, so Indonesia can develop high-tech products in order to join with rows of countries of world economic power. He explained that Indonesia can become an important player in the world economy.

The same thing is also stated by Secretary General of The China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), Yang Yi, Indonesia as the largest Moslem country in the world plays an important role in the international world. ”Indonesia is the only ASEAN country to enter the G20 group. We can cooperate in the economic field, particularly in the maritime field,” said Yang Yi. Indonesia and China can play a deeper role in Southeast Asia and the world. Yang Yi also said that Indonesia and China so far has been established a good cooperation. One of which is the cooperation of the development of fast train Jakarta-Bandung. However he acknowledged the problem of South China Sea made the countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia argued in diplomatic with China. But he thinks the problem can be solved soon. Yang Yi said that the problem of the South China Sea has been discussed by President Jokowi when he met President Xi Jinping in Beijing last week. They discussed defense and security issues including cooperation in South China Sea’s security. President Jokowi will invite ASEAN countries to participate in discussing the issue,” said Yang Yi.

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